Opening Night Gala Photos

MTG 360

Mr. and Mrs. James Avery

Russell Andrews with Mr. & Mr. Steve Bunting of Clear Channel and Friends

Mrs. Brooks w/ Rafael & Richard Brooks

Mr. Nate Holden, Lizette Carrion and Russell Andrews

Katrina Andrews & Pamela Starks

Pam Starks, Mel Winkler, Alex & Vanessa Morris, Richard Brooks

Russell with Cheryl Dorsey of The Africa Channel & Barbra Johnson of Time Warner

Russell Andrews and Jacqui Walker

Darryl Alan Reed, John Toles-Be, Akbar Chatman

Russell Andrews with Nanci Mahagian and Glenn

Mr. and Mrs. Al Wilson

Jacqui Walker and Nanci isaacs


Lizette Carrion & John Toles-Bey

Russell & Katrina Andrews with Charmaine & Tracy Richardson

Joel Daavid (Set/light designer), Russell Andrews and director Claude Purdy


Russell Andrews with Michael WIlson of Stone Garden Vineyards

Nanci Issacs & Katrina Andrews

Mr. Nate Holden & Lizette Carrion


Chrystee Pharris & Bill Brown

Vanessa & Alex Morris and Katrina Andrews


Kori Whitaker, Katrina Andrews and Kristen Eykel


Katrina and Russell Andrews & Kori Whitaker


Darryl Alan Reed and guest

Akbar Chatman and guest

Michael Wilson and Richard Brooks

James & Barbara Avery and Russell Andrews