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The StageWalkers production team has collectively over 35 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry. Their credits include multiple theatre awards for producing and acting. They are in development of an original stage play, A Patch of Blue and their first short film, Shoes.

StageWalkers was hired to artistically raise the bar for the touring play, The Diary of Black Men, the longest running and most successful play in Black American Theatre.

Their creative and production responsibilities included:

1. Providing the production with it’s second director (Russell Andrews) in it’s quarter century history as a touring production.

2. Technical Staffing including Stage Mgr, Tech Director and Set Designer

3. Casting of principles and understudies

4. Rehearsal space

5. Pre-production coordination

6. PR contacts

7. The building and maintenance of the production website

8. The construction and maintenance of the production playbill

9. Creation and maintenance of a production Facebook Page.

With four successful productions in Los Angeles, Houston, and a 2013 U.K. tour, StageWalkers has the experience, know-how and the team to consult on both small and large productions.

To set up a consultation meeting for your show, contact us at (818) 613-8375.